Green Meetings @EURAC
Green Meetings @EURAC
Green Meetings @EURAC
Green meeting @EURAC
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Green Meetings @EURAC

The Ideal Location for Your Sustainable Event

Events such as conferences, conventions, and courses have an effect upon the environment. Participants commonly have to travel over long distances, leading to increased carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, huge amounts of paper, water, and electricity are consumed. As a green meeting organizer, the EURAC convention center is committed to the responsible use of natural resources for the good of the environment.
We consult with our clients with regard to travel that does not damage the environment, we arrange accommodations within walking distance, we provide digital conference facilities, and we avoid plastic, serving drinking water in glass pitchers, just to name a few examples. In this way, we are also successful in limiting expenses involved in the events.

Green Research

EURAC research has been conducting studies since 1994 in the areas of sustainability and renewable energy. The EURAC convention center makes use of scientific achievements to consistently implement the principles of the green meeting.

EURAC already is committed to Corporate Social Responsability through the implementation of the requirements set by the Convention Industry Council on Green Meetings.

Green Building

The EURAC headquarters were conceived in such a way as to keep damage to the environment and energy costs as low as possible. The double glass façade stores the heat of the sun in the winter, while in the summer, the radiant energy is captured between the glass faces. Not only does the 400 sq. m. (4,300 sq. ft.) solar installation heat water, it also cools the ambient air during the warm season with the help of an absorption refrigeration machine. A pleasant working climate is provided by ergonomically
furnished workspaces and seminar rooms, computers with highquality screens, and ideal lighting conditions.

Our 1st international green event

ECM Summer School - European Cities Marketing

From August 29 - September 2 2009, the EURAC convention center has hosted the 23rd ECM Summer School for young professionals of the meeting and tourism industry.
This was the first International green event organized by the ECC, following green practices such as hiring bikes for all participants instead of taking taxies, choosing local products for the catering and reducing the waste amount by optimizing  resources, like water, energy, paper, etc.
In this light there was implemented for the first time the concept of green meetings and green venues as part of the ECM Summer School.


Green Meetings @EURAC
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